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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 144: All Natural

Question: What happens when two teachers go out for lunch and then walk into a new children's store?

Answer: They befriend the shop owner and offer up ideas for a fun dessert and decorating session with canvas, of course! :)

My friend Beth and I had such a fun afternoon today. First we had lunch at an awesome sushi restaurant in my neighborhood and then we poked around the shops in the town center. We went into a shop that opened just a few months ago called Naturally Loved, a children's clothing and toy store that is totally eco-friendly. The stuff in there is ADORABLE and totally ingenious. The cool part is that the owner, Aly, is a former art teacher from Denver Public Schools. Aly, Beth and I chatted for nearly 30 minutes about the store and teaching and we left smiling.

Next stop: ice cream. We wandered some more and saw a sign for a painting and wine class. And that's when the idea arose. How fun would it be to have a painting class for pregnant/new mothers, led by Aly, where she could give guidance on creating original artwork for nurseries? Instead of wine, she could offer dessert. We decided that we should go back and tell her our idea. The best part of it all was that she was completely pumped. We laughed and brainstormed some more before we left for the second time.

Desert and Decor. Wouldn't that be fun? I know I'd attend!

I've never acted on such an impulse before. What random stranger wants to hear a random idea from another stranger in her own shop? Well, Aly was game and we had a blast!

Today I had fantastic afternoon with a good friend and shared ideas with a complete stranger. It was awesome. And for this, I am thankful.

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Alyson said...

I had a blast hanging out with you and Beth and wish you all the best in your travels coming up next week! Thanks for the fabulous idea and look out for it...dessert & decor.. I like it!