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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 224: Welcome, Mr. Wood!

Last night, two of my dearest friends gave birth to their first child. It was so much fun participating in the series of texts, Facebook posts, photo exchanges and phone calls! Actual "birth days" are such an exciting time and to be able to share in those moments was especially meaningful.

There's something about a new little life that can put everything into perspective. During my visit to the hospital today, I didn't care about my pain or my own worries. Watching my friends smile and look at one another in ways they never have was absolutely wonderful. Beautiful and perfect in every way,  I couldn't think of two more deserving people to be this little man's new parents.

Congratulations to Dawn and Chad! Welcome to to parenthood and a lifetime full of thrills, happiness and endlessly falling in love. 

Being witness to such joy... for this, I am thankful!

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