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Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 233: Yup, I Flooded My Classroom

It's true.

Tomorrow the kids will be doing their first major lab and so we had to review safety standards. This included me showing the kids how the chemical shower and eye wash station worked. I typically just talk about it and move on. But not during 7th period. Not today. In a moment of epic teacherness, I pulled the lever and let the water pour out.

And it kept pouring.

I suddenly realized that it wasn't stopping! So I climbed up on top of the counter to reach the piping and manually close the valve. By the time I looked down and across my room, the entire floor was covered in about half an inch of water. Once I calmed all the kids down, I made the necessary calls to get the room taken care of and took them out in the hallway to finish class. What I thought was a huge disaster, the kids thought was awesome and I was instantly catapulted into "coolest teacher ever" standing.

While today certainly wasn't one of my finest moments of my teaching career, there were definitely some amazing people and memories to be thankful for. Our building engineers were so kind and helpful, the kids quickly and flexibly relocated AND I have a drain in my room. I lovely, big drain that allowed for all that water to be cleared quickly despite the floor sloping in the wrong direction.

What can I was my first day back and I like to make an entrance. Oh, and my students will never forget how to use the chemical shower! :)

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