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Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 226: Preemptive Strike

This may be a long shot, but I'm going for it. Last Monday, before my surgery, I got a HUGE dose of antibiotics. I'm assuming this was for preventative measures. And I'm hoping these preventative actions are still going strong...

Today was my first day back at work. My students were unbelievably kind and my co-workers  offered overwhelmingly to help wherever and with whatever I needed. I really felt loved. :) But at 10:00, my phone started ringing like crazy -- first Sofia's school and then Nico's daycare. Both kids were sick and blowing out both ends. Ugh. My poor kids...and on my first day back. Crap. Literally.

Luckily, I was able to get coverage for my last two class periods and head home with the kids. Chris made his way home too so that he could help. On the phone, we decided that he would stay home tomorrow so I wouldn't miss any more work. But, when he walked through the front door, I knew he wouldn't be staying home just for the kids. Flushed, feverish and hollow-eyed, he would be taking a "sick day" too. 

I definitely went through a pity party moment tonight. I mean, let's be honest: the timing of all this couldn't be worse! My sweet kiddos and husband all sick and I can't help them. At all. I can't lift my children to comfort them. I can't cook and clean and carry little trays of food to Chris or Sofia. I can't be the caretaker that I love being so much. Not to mention, Chris is swamped at work and I've already taken five and a half days off! Seriously?!?! Seriously.

But then I remembered the antibiotics and what my job really is for the next 24 hours: stay healthy. That's it! Stay healthy for 24 hours. I can do that. I am hoping and praying that those antibiotics are still in my system -- even if it's the tiniest, tiniest bit to fight off whatever nastiness is floating through this house. By staying healthy, I can be the one to smile and laugh for my family. I may not be able to carry things or do things for them, but I can love them and love them happily by not being sick. 

Alright antibiotics. I'm thankful for you tonight. Don't let me down! :)

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