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Sunday, October 04, 2015

A Peek Into The Past

When my grandparents moved from Kalamazoo to Grand Rapids years and years ago, they had quite a bit more stuff than their living arrangements could accommodate for. Thus, it made sense to get a storage unit to hold all the non-necessities.

Over the years, the family has made regular visits to the storage unit making efforts to sift through the massive amounts historical must-haves for the Johnson's to either donate, pass on to a family member or toss. As you can imagine, it's quite a process.

Today was the last visit. That was kinda weird. Now that both my grandma and grandpa are gone, there's no reason to keep the unit. I met my mom, step-dad, aunt and uncle to go through the last boxes. I had anticipated hours of work but when I got there, they had already done most of it! What was left to do was actually pretty cool. My job was to sort through just a few boxes.

Within minutes, I suddenly found myself staring through a window to the past: gorgous photos of my mom and aunt as young children (you know, the kind that look like they were hand painted and not taken by a camera. Stunning.), silver candle sticks and serving platters with engraved monograms, and even a photo album of me as an infant!

I really felt like for the first time as an adult, I saw the world through my grandparents' eyes, saw what was important to them and what they loved. It was really, really cool.

This is a picture of my Mom and I just after I was born. Today was the first I had ever seen this photo. Isn't my mom gorgeous?!?!
Hello 5th Grade! Found this Northview Newsletter stuck inside a photo album. This was the Spring of 1992, folks. 

My all-time favorite picture of Bill and Genevieve. 

So much fun peeking into the past today. :)

And for this, I am thankful.

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