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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Day 63: Flexibility and "Funda"

Today I am thankful for a job that has some flexibility. Nico had another rough night and I was a bit worried when I left for work this morning. When I got a message from Kait confirming my suspicions that there may be another ear infection on the horizon, I made yet another call to his pediatrician. The only time they had left would require me to leave an hour before the final bell. Thankfully, I do not have to worry about substitutes or how to keep 30 children occupied and learning in my absence. Instead, I have a two trusted co-workers that help me take a deep breath and then take over. During a time of year that can be increasingly crazy with each passing day, I feel truly lucky to have such a strong team to work with. Linda (a.k.a. Fun-da) and Kristen are simply amazing.
Nico did end up having an ear infection and had to get two really nasty shots of antibiotic. BUT, I was able to make it to his appointment on time and without worry about what was going on back at the office. That peace of mind was absolutely priceless.

Co-workers AND Friends! Me, Linda & Kristen in Las Vegas 2009.

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Debbie said...

Women friends are wonderful, aren't they honey? Glad they were there for you, and I know when they need your support, you'll be there for them in the future. There's nothing like our friends of the heart!