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Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 84: A Slice of Perfection

The weather was absolutely perfect when I arrived home from work. Nico and Kait were sitting in front of the house and Sofia bounded out of the car in her sleeveless sundress. How both of my children ended up with blonde hair, I'll never understand...but my God, did it ever glow in the sunlight! They looked beautiful.

We went into the garage and got out the bike trailer (that I could push since my bike is still up in the rafters) and headed out to soak in the remainder of the afternoon sun across the neighborhood. We stopped to smell flowers, blow dried dandelions, go down a slide or two, sit at a picnic table to eat goldfish crackers, and sing songs about frogs.

Our time rolling through the neighborhood only lasted about an hour, but it felt like days -- in a good way! It was exactly what I needed today. Just for a few moments, life felt perfect.

And for this, I am thankful. 

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cyndi said...

I love those moments! They may not last long but the memory of them gets us through to the next unexpected joy. Enjoy that gorgeous weather - it's still super rainy & icky here.